A “True Muslim?”

I am not an expert on the Muslim religion only having read some material and a few history books. I did uncover information that Mohammed’s wife was rather active in the fight to establish the Muslim religion. Radical Muslims have gained control of northern regions of the nation of Mali. They have destroyed ancient Muslim sites which they consider to violate their religion. They have imposed Sharia law upon the population including cutting off hands and whipping those deemed not to be a “true Muslim.”

A young girl in Timbuktu was recently whipped because this fifteen year old female actually spoke with some men on the street. There is no evidence of sexual interaction, no record of touching, just a few words to some men. The radical Muslims gave her 60 lashes. Somehow this does not come across to this ignorant person as an example of punishing a person who failed to display Muslim attitudes. Lashing and demeaning people is the opposite of what a “true Muslim” would do.