A Victim of Racial Profiling

Last week we reported about a case of racial profiling in Canada and are glad we can report more fully on the case, which was investigated by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Ms. Jacqueline Nassiah was wrongly accused of shoplifting a $10 bra, searched repeatedly, threatened with jail and subjected to obscene racial taunts by a police officer. The reason, according to Ms. Nassiah, is simple, “Because I am black.”

During her interrogation, Officer Elkington assumed since she was black she could not speak English and referred to Nassiah as a “f—ing foreigner” who would be sent to jail unless there was a confession. It is unclear if any disciplinary action will be taken against the police officer.

The Ontario Commission did more than award her compensation of $20,000. They ordered the Ontario police force to make systemic changes, including training all officers in how to handle such investigations, developing a directive on racial profiling, and hiring an expert to advise the department.

If you ask students in our high schools in New York City about relations with police, it is all too common for many to describe racial profiling and harassment due to skin color or their accents or lack of English skills. Don’t you ever wonder when this brutality will end?
Information from Toronto Star