Ah Sarah, We Thought We Knew You

Sarah Palin and hubby, Todd, are upset. They do not believe it is Christian to tell stories about the private lives of fellow Americans. They do not believe it is OK to accuse people of not being a decent person or a decent American. Joe McGinniss has written a book about Sarah and it has led Todd to explode in anger. According to Joe, this is the real Sarah:

1. She smoked pot with her college professor.

2. She did the cocaine.

3. She cheated on Todd by doing it with his business partner.

4. She had a one night stand with famous NBA star, Glenn Rice because she wanted to do it with a black man.

I really do not understand why she is upset. She accused President Obama of being a Muslim, she accused him of being disloyal to this nation, she accused him of being a Socialist, and do on. I will admit, she did not accuse Obama with sleeping around with college professors, cheating on his wife or snorting, you know what.