Ah To Be Rich!

The old adage spoke of the poor always being with us, but the new adage is the rich will not only always be with us, but will be a hell of a lot richer. The six heirs to the Walmart fortune have more money than 100,000,000 Americans, but,they built the Walmart with their own sweat and hands. If you notice the greeter at the front entrance, give him a hug because he is one of the heirs to fortunes. Wall Street has witnessed its stocks double since the advent of Barack Obama as president but they are firmly convinced the black dude is simply a member of the notorious Nazi SS and he,not only does he hate America, he wants us all to become poor.

Name a nation in the world and you will discover their wealthy folk are alive and well while complaining about taxes or lazy workers or the government seeking to confiscate their money.  Jesus said it was easier for a poor person to get into heaven than a wealthy person which goes to show how far back have been Socialist attempts to confiscate the wealth of those who work hard.

God bless you Mitt, with you on their side we can expect more and more money for those who need it–millionaires!