Alexnader The Great Rules In Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko used to live in the Soviet Union and today he rules the nation of Belarus. Alexander decided a few months ago to show the world that stories about him being a dictator were exaggerations of reality. He decided to hold an election, or what passes in his view, for an election. Of course, he became confused on discovering when one holds an election in which people can select anyone they desire that idea makes difficult conducting a free election Belarus style in which the leader is ensured of at least 98% of the vote. Alexander believes it would be a mark of dictatorship to attain a 100% vote total. Of course, in olden days in Chicago, Mayor Daley could ensure the vote total was 110%, but that was Chicago, not like the modern democratic nation of Belarus. Upon realizing opposition candidates were receiving some votes, Alexander ordered the police to beat the hell out of the opposition and when he says, “beat the hell” it means physically beat the hell out of anyone stupid enough to believe he was entitled to votes that belong to Alexander.

Oh well, that damn European Union became upset, but dear old Prime Minister Vladmir Putin in Russia agreed this was a democratic election.