I guess people of the world can sleep peacefully tonight knowing the Supreme Leader of North Korea has assumed the mantle of being a Supreme Leader, not only of his nation, but of the entire world. As Kim Jong-il was laid to rest thousands gathered in Kim -il Sung Square to honor Kim Jong-un taking over the nation. I realize it might become somewhat confusing to those not living in North Korea, but the nation requires that any leader must have a name that begins with “Kim.” It is reported by reliable sources that this week students in all schools of North Korea will take a test in which they must get the Kim right or face the prospect of taking a  trip to a  farm where they can spend the day picking something.

I am so happy that Kim Jong-un has inherited dad’s “ideology, character and revolutionary spirit.” I wonder if he would enter the Republican quest for president so Americans can finally have someone in control who has the right ideology, the right character, and the right revolutionary spirit. Frankly, it sounds to me as though Newt Gingrich fits this description. Just remember, if it doesn’t fit him this week, he would be glad to change it for next week!