America Does Not Like Drug Addicts

I find amusing the American way of handling those from another nation who happen to take advantage of some form of drugs. Personally, I am a drug user, but the drugs I use are classified by our government as “good drugs.” In America one can get high on smoking or drinking alcohol or one of many prescription drugs which allow the bad mood to disappear into the smoke of history. Nigella Lawson is something called a “chef.” Frankly, I have never once watched any program in which demonstrate their ability to cook. A few days ago she attempted to board a plane headed for the United States of America when she was told that my country does NOT allow in any who use drugs. Of course, if you are American born, smoke pot forever. Our Department of Homeland Security wants to keep us secure by not allowing foreigners to enter who smoke pot, I assume the problem is allowing foreign pot smokers to enter might raise the price of pot. Who knows?

The American Embassy in London finally demonstrated that, on occasion, our diplomats DO have some common sense. She was invited to apply for a visa. Actually, she was testifying at a court case and admitted that once she smoked some cocaine when her husband was told he had terminal cancer and another time when she was under great stress.

We now have laws which make legal the smoking of pot, but we have a Homeland Security Department which might contain those who are legally smoking pot deny foreigners the right to smoke what they smoke!!