American Muslims Confront Mistrust

A new study from the Woodrow Wilson Center argues that despite economic success and general integration within communities, the American Muslim population still remains “largely outside the U.S. mainstream.” Muslims have not yet secured powerful national voices who can connect with the media or become known to the American populace. According to the report, “The climate of suspicion and mistrust and lack of engagement threaten to marginalize and alienate some elements among American Muslims to the point that the danger of radicalization becomes a real possibility.”

There is little doubt American Muslims can be classified as moderates and they have become integrated within their communities. As a group they enjoy high incomes and their children are successful in school. At the same time, the plethora of films depicting Muslims as terrorists does resonate negatively in areas of America where there are few Muslims. The media and continuation imprisonment of Muslims at Guantanamo enable the government to convince many Americans of the presence within the Muslim community of terrorists. If we actually put those prisoners on trial it would show the American people that a significant number are simply innocent victims who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no Muslim terrorist threat in America — it is a political ploy to garner votes and scare people.