Amis Go Home!

There is an old adage in Latin America, which does have some basis in reality, if anything goes wrong in life, blame it on the Yankees from up north. And, when one says, Yankees, one is not referring to the New York Yankee baseball team. Yes, Susan, the CIA does act in mysterious ways in order to cause chaos and disorder. Yes, Susan, American spies and agents do undermine other governments. But, when it comes to the nation of Venezuela, the “Yankees” are simply the spook who is needed in order to excuse incompetence of the government. President Nicolas Maduro expelled American diplomats because they were conspiring with right wing opponents in order to sabotage the economy and the nation’s power grid. “I have proof in my hands.” And, the secret documents that proved the perfidy of Americans was so vital, he could not share with the world exactly what was done by the Yankees.

One can only suspect that American diplomats spoke with opposition leaders. In Maduro Venezuela that definitely is a major crime. Perhaps, the president might just check out the power grid and find out if somehow, in some way, Venezuelans are the culprits.