Amnesty International Gives Denmark Mixed Report Card

The annual report of Amnesty International gives mixed ratings to Denmark’s efforts in multiculturalism. It praises the stand of the Danish government in defending free speech rights during the famous Mohammed cartoon crisis and argues the cartoons were not an incitement to religious or racial hatred.

However, Denmark fared much more poorly on its policies that provide lack of assistance to rape victims, isolation and poor programs for prisoners, and anti-terror laws which undermine human rights. The report was also critical of failure to take action against several members of Parliament who made derogatory comments about Muslims in Denmark.

I beg to differ with Amnesty International on its criticism about the comments in Parliament. A Parliament is supposed to represent divergent viewpoints, and one would assume there are racists in the Danish Parliament as there are in virtually any nation in the world. No outside force should ever intervene to attempt restricting free speech rights in Parliament. I find it ironic that Amnesty International is concerned how anti-terror laws pose a threat to free speech, but is willing to reduce free speech in Parliament.
Information from Copenhagen Post