An Undercover Gay Life

Timothy Kurek was raised in a decent Christian family in which the very idea of being homosexual was an abomination and insult to God. One day a friend confessed to being a lesbian and was shunned by her family which upset Mr. Kurek. He felt such attitudes violated his Christian spirit of forgiving the sins of others. He decided to walk in the shoes of a gay man and went undercover in a new role of pretending to be gay.

Kurek began spending time in gay bars and groups, made new friends and thrust himself into a new world. He discovered “gay Christians” who followed the ideas of Jesus Christ and this shocked a Christian man. One day Kurek was called a “faggot”and learned what one felt being insulted. By the end of this undercover work, the former hater had become a supporter of what he once disliked. Such is the story of a “true Christian.”