Ann Romney Loves Mitt

Ann Romney loves Mitt Romney. She has loved him since they met at a dance in 1969. Mitt has always “made me laugh.” Mitt did not have wealth handed to him, “he built it.” Now, that we know Ann Romney loves Mitt Romney, are we clear why he should be elected president of the United States of America?? I believe it is wonderful that Ann loves Mitt. In fact, I do not wish Mitt to become president of the USA because it would take time away from him spending time with Ann and loving her.

I assume that since Ann  loves Mitt it means we should love Ann. Or is it, that we should  love Mitt? I get confused. After all, the most important criteria for electing a president is the love factor. Is that person loved by his wife? There is no question if that is the criteria, then Mitt will win this election!