Another Boring American Day

It was just another one of those typical American boring days in Phoenix, Arizona. The sun was shining, people were about their daily routines at work or at home. A few people went to the Walmart in the Chandler area of the city and explored items still on sale after the big sales of January. Two men, for some unknown reason, got into an argument, and since this is gun-totinhg America in which any man who wants to be a man has the right to Stand His Ground when upset, one of the guys reached for his gun, and blasted away at the other guy.

People shouted in fear, some crouched low to become unseen, but the shooter, being a real American hero, dashed outside, got into his car and fled to his home. For some unknown reason, the man was not greeted as an American hero by his family. For some strange reason, none understood why having an argument in Walmart could lead to blasting away. They called the police and the man headed down to headquarters to be investigated for a possible crime. Frankly, I am unclear if this man committed any crime–some one cursed him, and therefore he had the American Right to blast away. This is AMERICA! Land of the gun.

Walmart closed the store and sent employees home. Walmart refused to answer any questions about the shooting.

Just another boring American day.