Another Day,Another Dead Soldier

Ivan Lopez was a member of the United States armed forces and he apparently spent some time in Iraq during the fighting. There is no evidence of a physical wound since he never was awarded the Purple Heart which goes to those who were wounded in action. He was currently stationed at Ft.Hood in Texas. Yesterday, he walked into a building, took out a revolver and blasted away at those in the building. He killed at least three fellow members of the armed forces. Private Lopez then went to a parking lot where he was confronted by some MPs with drawn weapons. He reached into his jacket and pulled out another weapon. Before anyone could blast away at him, he simply placed the muzzle next to his head and fired. He is dead.

Just another dead soldier. Just another soldier seeking death rather than life. We do not know much about him other than some claim he was depressed and angry over not being able to attend his mother’s funeral. I am certain CNN and Fox News will have their correspondents offer their interpretation of this man’s life and death. All I know is that he is dead. Most probably a casualty of war even though he never fought in combat.