Another Death, By Police

There is no question the majority of police are hard working decent people, but it has become  apparent–due to cell phones and other equipment that ordinary  people are capturing videos of police out of control.  Mr. Francisco Serna, age 72, is experiencing the early stage of dementia and frequently goes for walks. Two nights ago, he went for a walk in the early  hours of the morning. A neighbor reported there was a strange man with a weapon outside in his driveway.  Police arrived at the scene. They saw a man standing in the driveway. The neighbor insisted the man had a weapon.

There were several police at the scene of action. Not a single one approached the man, they just began to blast away. Nine shots later, Mr. Serna, age 72, was dead. No weapon was ever discovered. Kern County, California now leads the nation in having people shot by police. A county of 900,000 people has witnessed more police killings than the city of New York. Wonder why?