Anthony, My Anthony

Anthony Weiner is simply one of among hundreds who serve or who have served in Congress that believes he is immune to any form of morality other than demanding that the public elect him to some form of public service. He is a scrawny little boy lacking athletic ability who stood on the sidelines while others played, and resented not being the center of attention. He is simply a New York City street hustler whose only goal in life is beating the odds by employing some form of hustle. He does have a standard for his morality-Anthony is Number One and Anthony gets whatever Anthony demands to receive.

Hate Palestinians, get Jewish votes, OK, so he is against Palestinians. Display one’s penis to capture attention, OK, here it is, gaze in wonder. He sees the world through the eyes of Anthony Weiner, but that is always the  operation procedure of a street corner hustler. I was raised with them, I, I, is always in their minds and hearts.

The only sadness of the Weiner situation is that wonderful wife who stands by his side with bewildered eyes filled with tears.