Anti-Palestinian Feeling in Jerusalem

The Israel Committee against Home Demolitions (ICHAD) is fighting against Jerusalem government policies of refusing to grant permits to east Jerusalem Palestinians. If Palestinians attempt to build a home permission is denied, and frequently if they go ahead and build one it is destroyed. At this point ICHAD is trying to raise not merely consciousness but concern among the Israel population about this prejudicial policy.

I find it impressive that ICHAD is one of many Israel organizations concerned with protecting the rights of Palestinians. Other groups like Rabbis for Human Rights and the Association of Civil Rights are also engaged in furthering the rights of Palestinians. It is very sad that such groups do not receive attention in the Arab media, nor is any attempt made by Arab civil liberties groups to join in coalition efforts with their Israeli counterparts. Perhaps a worse tragedy is failure of any group to emerge within the Arab world that is concerned with Jewish rights. Just about any Arab group is quick to condemn Israel actions against Palestinians, which led many to flee, but I have yet to hear a single Arab group or newspaper complain about prejudice which drove over 300,000 Jews to flee Muslim societies in the forties and fifties. Arab leaders seek compensation for Arab refugees – I agree on the need for compensation – but where is the Arab leader who wants compensation for Jews who had to flee Arab nations?

Let me emphasize, The Impudent Observer is concerned with the rights of all people. We are not pro-Israel anymore than pro-Palestinian. We seek to further the movement toward peace in the Middle East, and such a stance necessitates focusing on possibilities for coalition building, not fostering hate and anger.
Information from Jerusalem Post