Anti-Racist Behave Like Racists!

A group of racists were in a restaurant eating dinner just like racists always do. They most probably made racists comments as they chomped their steaks. Of course, this is the United States of America in which racists can eat as well as anti-racists can eat. Suddenly, a group of men waving baseball bats entered the restaurant and beat the crap out of the racists gathered around the table. For some reason, the anti-Racists believe God is  on their side when they beat up “bad people.”

The essence of being an “anti-Racist” is a belief in the right of all people to speak their minds. To beat up people  with whom  you disagree is the exact opposite of that essence. If one believes in social justice, then one believes it is my responsibility to ensure those with whom I disagree have the right to speak their nonsense.