Anti Roma Feeling Rises In Czech Republic

The Roma minority in east Europe invariably is the object of hate attacks because they are viewed as “different” and inferior. A Czech Republic political party, the right wing Workers’ Party, will soon be banned for its vicious brutality towards Romas. The Workers’ Party has witnessed a growth in membership from 9,000 in 2004 to 29,000 in 2008. Human rights activists are concerned as the economic crisis deepens, people will seek a scapegoat and the most convenient are Romas. There are already signs some political leaders are shifting toward an anti-Roma stance in order to obtain votes.

The decision to ban a political party raises many questions regarding the nature of a democracy. A true democracy distinguishes between actions of a political party and those of an individual. If a member of the Workers’ Party uses force against a Roma there are laws which provide for his criminal prosecution. There is no need to make right wing neo-Nazis pose as being oppressed by society. Trust in the power of the judiciary to handle violence against Romas. Of course, this means the police have to investigate and prosecution to resut.