Any E-mail About Sri Lanka, Professor Robinson?

I have been informed that Professor Robinson is a man of passion when human rights are concerned so please excuse my curiosity as to why this man who defends human rights has not sent any e-mails to his students about the slaughter of 7,000 civilians by Sri Lanka military forces. Professor Robinson, the UN estimates at least 7,000 civilians have died, not 1,300 as in Gaza, since the military push against the Tamil Tigers began in January. Is this an example of a “Holocaust” in Sri Lanka? I assume you will be sending an e-mail to all students concerning this horror.

Oh, I was wondering if you have sent any e-mails about the genocide against the people of Darfur by Sudan which has resulted in the death of over 300,00 and rape of thousands of women. Or, do you just consider this to be an example of “bad behavior” on the part of the Sudan and certainly nothing to compare with the Holocaust unleashed by Israel? Speaking of the Holocaust, where does the death of five million in the Congo fit on your hierarchy of anger about murder?

For the record, Professor Robinson, in this blog I have non-stop blasted the murder of thousands in Zimbabwe, the murder of thousands in Darfur, the murder of thousands in Sri Lanka. For the record, I condemned Israel’s invasion of Gaza as a political and moral blunder. It was an over-reaction to provocation and the result was the murder of innocent Palestinians along with Hamas forces. Anyone can challenge me on this blog, they don’t even have to use their real name. Frankly, anyone who would use the expression “Holocaust” in describing the Israel invasion of Gaza is recommended to take a course on the Holocaust or visit a university library.

How about an e-mail to your students about Zimbabwe where over 3,000 have died due to illness created by President Mugabe and two million live in poverty in South Africa?