Arab Spring Hates Blasphemy?

Scarcely a year has gone by since birth of the Arab Spring whose supporters wanted to use as a  springboard for a new Middle East in which freedom was available to people in all facets of life. Ah, the dreams of yesterday all too often become transformed into the nightmares of today. An Egyptian man of Coptic background has been arrested for the crime of blasphemy. Alber Aber was arrested and beaten in prison for daring to express his ideas concerning religion on public television and the Internet.

President Mohamed Mursi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who promised not to impose strict religious law upon the people of Egypt. Mr.Alber showed excerpts of the nutty “Innocence of Muslim” film and has mocked all faiths. Prosecutors insist it is against the law to make fun of the Muslim and Christian religions.

Question: Can I mock Judaism in Egypt? They certainly do every day of the year.