Arrest George Bush?

Former president George Bush is scheduled to attend a meeting in the Canadian province of British Columbia on October 20 this year. Amnesty International is urging Canadian authorities to arrest and prosecute George Bush on grounds that he authorized “torture” for prisoners captured by American forces. Susan Lee of AI noted: “Canada is required by its international obligations to arrest adn prosecute  former president Bush given his reponsibility for crimes under international law including torture.”

There is no doubt, under international law, that  George Bush while president of the USA authorized “enhanced interrogation techniques” including the use of “waterboarding.” One could go on and on about other torture techniques such as deprived sleep or forced to kneel for hours,  so the issue is clear-Bush is a war criminal based on international standards of treatment of prisoners.

Of cours, he will not be arrested. Of course, the American people will never have an open discussion regarding how our Constitution was violated by criminals like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush. We will all pretend nothing happened.