Aussie Students Believe Holocaust Was A Joke

A group of Australian students who attend an elite private school in Sydney have received an education supposedly designed to enable them to engage in critical thinking, but apparently somewhere along the way, their moral compass got lost. Students at the prestigious Scots College created a Facebook site called, “Jew Parking Appreciation Group” which is linked to another site of Scots students which contain postings that include, “support Holocaust Denial,” and link to an Internet site which states “F— Israel and their Holocaust Bullshit.” The clever young men had what appeared to be Arabic writing in an attempt to blame everything on Muslims. There is evidence girls from the exclusive Kambala school were also involved.

One of the bright young men defended his actions on the ground “we have Jewish friends and girlfriends.” What is one to say about these poorly educated snobs who believe the world belongs to them and they can insult and degrade humans because they come from the “right family” and are attending the “right school.” Perhaps, the schools might compel the spoiled brat rich kids to watch five hours of life in Nazi death camps. It would be just punishment for some morally brain dead brats.