Austrailian Government Seizes Control Over Aboriginals

Following up on a story printed earlier this week, Prime Minister John Howard has ordered troops as well as more police into the Northern Territories in order to gain complete control over aboriginal areas. He claims a recent report on child abuse was sufficient rationale for dispatching soldiers and policemen into the area, and, literally, eliminating local government.

The government has ordered compulsory medical checks for all aboriginal children, banned alcohol and pornography. There are reports of people fleeing to the hills to escape the new version of an old tale — treat aboriginal people as less than human. I assume there are thousands of alcoholics in Australia, I assume there is child abuse, but I would never assume the government would enter homes and tell parents how to live and raise their children.

As some local aboriginal leaders have noted, there is nothing in this latest brutality regarding economic development, educating a new aboriginal leadership or anything that respected the integrity of aboriginal people.