Bane Of Mitt’s Life

Fox News commentators are furious at the vicious dishonest attacks by liberals upon the record of Mitt Romney. For some strange reason Liberals and Socialists’ believe it is fair game to attack Mitt Romney for his work with the Bain company. Even in the world of Politics, there should be some Fair Standards of behavior, even for those Liberals and Socialists seeking to destroy all we hold dear in our beloved nation.

How can any decent human in our beloved nation conclude it is fair to destory the record of a  wonderful human like Mitt Romney by citing his record as a manager at Bain?  First, they cited what Mitt did while working for Bain, next they will cite what Mitt did as governor of Massachusetts, and finally they will cite words spoken by Mitt!

When, dear god, will this smear campain against Mitt Romney Stop? We need fair standards of  political dialogue, but citing a person’s records and accomplishments is simply going too far–even for LIBERALS!