Belarus, One Man’s Dream Of Power!

I doubt if many reading these words have any idea as to the location of the nation called, Belarus. It used to be part of the Soviet Union until that nation sort of broke up into pieces. The people of this unfortunate country were pleased to have one Alexander Lukashenko step in to guide them as president, chief leader and supreme know-it-all. In fact, he is such  kind man that he does not want to bother people with making  choices as to who is president or who sits in parliament. Just leave those decisions to Alexander–The Great.

Opposition leaders decided to boycott an election for members of parliament because most of them were in jail or recovering from being beat up by the police. After all, who wants to run for office in a free country where the president gets 97% of  votes? I assume he is either a fantastic leader or  fantastic in his ability to prevent others from running for anything other than the border!