Berlin Conference For Palestinians Does Little

The Berlin Conference of Palestinian Civil Security was attended by 40 nations meeting in Berlin for the ostensible purpose of raising money to assist in development of the justice and police infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority. There were the usual speeches, promises made, complaints, charges, and counter-charges, and, in the end, about $242 million was raised to be used over a three year period. In other words, in simple English, this means about $80 to develop an effective police and judicial structure in a nation that as of yet does not exist. Chancellor Merkel was present as was Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livini and Condi Rice and former prime minister Tony Blair who is doing something to bring about peace in the Middle East. Exactly what he is doing is rather unclear at this moment.

The Berliner Zeitung summed up the real issues, ones that were never addressed at this conference by noting, “that building Palestinian state structure can only occur.. when a border with Israel has been determined, and when the refugee problem has been resolved.”

These meetings undoubtedly are needed. They are least demonstrate there is some concern about the Palestine-Israel conflict, but after a half century, it ca n also produce cynicism.