Berlusconi–A Man For One World-His!

The average man who philanders devotes considerable time and effort to disguising his activities, but when your name is Berlusconi, the real object is not so much to hide your actions, but to create a situation in which no actions ever occurred. However, despite his vast control over Italian media, the rich politician occasionally encounters embarrassing situations. Part of his problem is an inability to control the world outside of Italy. The French newspaper, Nouvel Observateur recently printed a story, “Sex, Power, and Lies” which may refer to the man from Italy. Of course, his life was not made any happier when the Spanish, El Pais, printed photographs of the great men and half clad women.

In fairness, the world should establish some “Berlusconi Rules.” Number one rule is nothing should be printed or shown which does not have the Berlusconi permission. Rule Two is any photo of a scantily clad lady with the Big Man should have air brushed into it proper attire for women.

On the other hand, why doesn’t Italy have a large curtain over the entire nation which blocks out bad images of its ruler?