Berlusconi Is Not Too Old!

For those of us who are eighty years or older, Silvio Berlusconi is a hero since his escapades with young women instill hope that sex can still be possible the older one gets. Stories of orgies in his villas simply prove that we are not old relics condemned to spend our time observing sexual escapades of younger men. The prime minister of Italy, at age 74, is accused of holding parties at his villas at which at least 33 young gorgeous females attended and, from all accounts, a lot of sex was going on. Silvio is now in court charged with having sex, which makes no sense since the goal in life of every male is to have sex, regardless of age. However, our hero appears to be having second thoughts concerning the charges. I would stand up and admit the charges of sex, but Silvio apparently fears prison or some minor problem like that. He told the media, “I’m a little brat 33 girls in two months seems a little too much even for a 30 year old.”

I am sad that Silvio denies these charges. I am sad that he says “I’m too old.” Silvio, you are not too old. Or, is the problem the girls are too young?