Bi-National State Or One State?

The impasse over the position of Israel settlers on the West Bank logically leads to several alternative solutions. Israel would prefer if settlers remain and the areas they control would be incorporated within the state of Israel. They could be compelled to evacuate areas they control and return the land to its rightful owners-Palestinians. Or, they could remain on the land and become citizens of a Palestinian state. After all, Arab Muslims constitute about 20% of Israel citizens so why can’t Jewish settlers become Palestinian citizens. They continually rant and rave about their love of the land which they argue should belong to Jews. Fine, let it be owned by Jews, but only by Jewish citizens of the nation of Palestine.

There is no doubt if offered this choice, settlers who insist they want to remain on the sacred soil of the West Bank would pack up their belongings and head for Israel. Their desire for the West Bank has nothing to do with religion or the Torah, it is simply their desire to get inexpensive housing at the expense of Palestinians.