Billy Says No More Cult!

I first encountered Billy Graham in Paris where he talked to French Protestants in a rally held in 1955 and his preaching captured the attention of many doubters. The years have passed, Billy has grown old and old. Throughout his life Reverent Graham made clear his opposition to the cult known as the “Mormon religion.” It just did not pass his test for being a “Christian religion.” Ah, but that was before a black dude was in the “White” House. Not that Billy is a bigot, but when it comes to loving God, this is a man who stands strong for Christianity.

Let me get this clear. Barack Obama is a Christian. Barack Obama has attended Christian churches all his adult life. Mitt Romney belongs to the Mormon religion which does not fit the Christian criteria of Billy Graham. So, so, Billy  backs Mitt and reclassifies the Mormon religion as simply another Christian one.

Seems to me this smacks of not being very Christian in relationship to a Christian president. I wonder why he now reclassifies Mitt as a Christian??