Blame Crime, Violence On Women!

I finally discovered a hero among our political leaders in America. His name is State Senator Glenn  Grothman who has introduced a bill in the Wisconsin State Legislature that makes single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse and would allow police to arrest single parent fiends. He argues that “unwanted or un-timed pregnancies are the choice of women.” Do you understand how women in this country are creating vast economic problems by having kids, training these kids to become criminals and dope fiends, and sending them off to prey on we married folk??

God bless you Senator Grothman. I finally understand the source of economic problems in America– it is the Fault Of Women!! I understand 9/11– it was caused by single parent female women!!

Oh, I just realized. I was a male single parent. Does that mean if I go to Wisconsin they will arrest me as a child abuser??