Blame It On The Poor

The never ceasing mantra of members of the Republican Party is that our economic woes stem from “entitlement” demands  of poor people who insist of robbing those who work of their entitlement to keep 100% of whatever that sum turns out to be. President Obama, once again, in the spirit of “compromise” with Republicans has proposed cuts in Social Security payments. He is willing to change the process by which yearly Social Security rates are planned. Obama’s hope is this will please Republicans and lead to some sort of compromise. Dream on Barack.

In reality the norm for those on Social Security is about $1500 a month. That is the sum many wealthy folk pay to park their car in a month. Reality is that wealthy folk during the past twenty years have gained enormously in money while middle class and poor people have barely kept even. Few in America who exist on Social Security are living in a lavish fashion.

I believe that President Obama and members of Congress can reduce their own income.