Blasphemy of Blasphemy

I want to get this straight about life in Pakistan. If I wrapped my body in explosives and wander into a crowd and blow myself up along with other innocent people, then I am assured of a place in Heaven. If I take out my weapon and blast away while some children are playing soccer, it is a guaranteed pass to enter Heaven. But, if I burn a page in the Koran, it is death for me. A fourteen year old girl in Pakistan who is mentally retarded was handed a book and she burned a few pages, supposedly from the Koran. This set thousands of people aflame with fire in their bodies and souls.

She was originally accused by a cleric and it later came out that he set the child up in order to set up crowds to cheer him and his nutty ideas about life and death. High Court Justice Iqbal Hameed ur Rahman, issued a decree that sets the girl free and cleans the record about blasphemy. This sweet innocent girl will no longer be subject to mad men and women who actually believe burning a page angers God. Actually, as a Jewish boy I was told that if I burned a page containing Hebrew it was a one way ticket to Hell.

Enough with burning pages. Enough with hailing men who cry death to fifteen year old girls. Frankly, I have no idea what happens to old books in Heaven. Reports indicate that some are burned due to lack of storage room in Heaven