Bombs, Bombs Away-Why?

I was raised in a religious family which instilled in my mind that a religious building had to be respected. I am completely baffled as to how or why Muslims in the 21st century kill and destroy the homes and mosques of other Muslims. I understand how a Catholic can disagree with a Protestant or a Sunni has contrary views about religion from those held by a Shiite. But, I can not grasp how a Muslim could destroy a mosque which contains fellow Muslims, even though they are of the other branch of their religion. Car bombs ripped through Sunni mosques in the Lebanon city of Tripoli. People were just filing out from their weekly prayers, chatting and laughing only to meet Death. At least 27 are dead and 352 are wounded. Last week 27 died in a car bombing. The dead believe in the Prophet Mohammed. The dead are Muslims.

We inhabit a strange planet. On this planet, the innocent are murdered because they believe in a different version of your religion. What a strange time. I thought this behavior ended about three hundred years ago.