Boys In Republican Band

The boys in the Republican band are blasting away at one another in order to prove they posses the key to the kingdom of victory in November. Rick Perry sorrowfully surrendered his sword and turned it over to Newt. The other Rick was unhappy because Rick P. did not support Rick S. Newt was infuriated that anyone would dare to raise issues of sexual behavior. When he charged Bill Clinton with being blown away it was simply an act of Christianity which enjoins those to make certain the world knows about sinners. Since Newt is a sexual sinner who else is better able to spot another one.

Newt’s ex-wife(Number 2) charged he wanted an open marriage. Ron Paul is OK with anyone having any marriage whether open or not as long as the two are not of the same sex. Rick S. once again announced he had a large family,loved his wife and loved God. Far away in the cold of Alaska, Sarah chipped in with news of her love of Newt– not sexual, we assume.

The boys marched off the  stage to thunderous cheers from Republican voters who only want candidates who support the sanctity of marriage.