Bradley Manning, Noted Criminal!

The United States military always gets its man. They marshall full resources of our military establishment in order to find those who transgress against authority. Bradley Manning is a slightly built little man who has become the most dangerous threat against the very foundations of the United States of America. He currently faces a court martial for giving intelligence to the enemy. Well, he didn’t exactly turn over any documents to anyone who actually is an “enemy” of this country, but he did allow the public to know what our elected officials and officers said in private.

Bradley is responsible for the notorious Wikileaks and our entire armed forces are determined to see him punished. After all, he allowed “the enemy” to read what an American ambassador said in private to a fellow diplomat! Gee, he even revealed what they ate for dinner. I am certain the Taliban has altered its attacks now that they know what the ambassador to France says about President Sarkozy! Don’t you believe al-Qaeda leaders sit up at night awaiting a Wikileak about what the US Ambassador thinks about the lying Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?