British Asians Marry Within Group

A recent study commissioned by BBC reveals that five times as many Asians as whites would only marry someone from their own group. About half of Asians surveyed in the age bracket 19-34 said they would only marry someone who was Asian while only 9% of whites said they would only marry someone who was white. It was also interesting that 83% of whites said they would marry a black skinned person but only 44% of Asians said they would marry such an individual.

It is apparent that England is not yet experiencing what is transpiring among Americans of Asian descent who are just as like as those of European background to marry outside of their group. The evidence continues to pile up that Asians and Muslims living in the United States appear more integrated within the society than Asians living in European nations. Perhaps, a factor, is the high percentage of Asian immigrants to the United States who have college degrees or professional certifications. It is still unclear, but there is little doubt of greater Asian assimilation within American society.