Bury Lenin-Tell Truth About Stalin!

Gorbachev, former leader of the now defunct Soviet Union. urged his nation to erect a memorial to honor those who were victims of the reign of terror that was so common under the dicatorship of Joseph Stalin. “Forgetfullness must be overcome, democracy and freedom must be strengthened” in the new Russia. Gorbachev’s idea of creating a memorial to those who were victims of Stalin’s brutality will probably not find warm support from Vladmir Putin who continually insists Russians should not feel guilty about what happened when Stalin ruled. It is increasingly common in Russian school curriculum for Stalin to be glorified as a great hero who led his nation to victory in WWII. Of course, lost in this glorification is Stalin’s incompetence and failure to heed warnings about an oncoming German attack in 1941.

Gorbachev made an important point by noting how Russia honors those who fought so gallantly in WWII but “as for the memory of people who fell into the millstone of Stalin’s repression, there is a great deal to be done.”

Mr. Gorbachev also suggested it is perhaps time for Lenin’s body to find a quiet resting place in the earth.