Bush Democracy Success In Iraq-Is It Really?

President Bush has been proclaiming to the world his great success in creating democracy in Iraq. Mithal al-Alusi, a member of the Iraq parliament was stripped of his seat and faces criminal charges for the heinous crime of –seeking peace with Israel! He visited Israel attended a conference in which there was discussion of peace. His offense in visiting Israel is a crime under Iraq law and punishable by death. Eitan Azani, who organized the meeting, said Alusi was not invited but he attended. Upon his return to democratic Iraq, Alusi was informed he had committed a criminal action.

Alusi asked the question that President Bush might be posing– why isn’t Iraq working for peace in the Middle East? The Maliki government has placed itself on the side of terrorism as it complains about terrorism. Is there something wrong with the Bush approach to spreading “democracy?”