Cain: Life Is A Joke!

Another day has gone by in he life of Herman Cain, another day has gone by in which the man who plays the fool to thunderous applause from Republicans once again demonstrated he is best qualified for a job in a vaudeville show where he plays the black skinned fool. Another day has gone by in which America is once again provided evidence that electing this limited intelligence individual to the office of president is akin to electing someone who could readily transform a recession into the greatest Depression in our history.

Herman Cain was at a Republican event when someone in the audience asked about Anita Hill. Professor Hill many years ago recounted her story of being sexually harassed by now Justice Clarence Thomas. And, how does Mr. Cain respond: “is she going to endorse me” and then immediately he burst into laughter as his comment. A Cain spokes person said: “It was a joke.”

The only joke Herman Cain has ever told is the one about claiming to be qualified to become president of the United States. Now, that is “A JOKE!”