Canadian Muslim Women Detained at Border

Milgo Noor, a prospective bride, set out with her cousins on a trip to Buffalo to check out her wedding dress. The Canadian women’s car was detained and twelve police men descended on them, handcuffed the females, and subjected them to interrogation while held in solitary cells. When they complained, an American border policeman replied: “You have no rights. You came to us.”

The four women didn’t realize they had a few strikes against them attempting to enter America — they were dark skinned, immigrants from Somalia, and Muslim. After an eight hour ordeal during which they were deprived of even a glass of water or food, the women were dumped back in Canada where border officials told them: “This happens all the time.”

This is America in the year 2007. Ironically, President Bush was giving a speech before an American Muslim group in which he proclaimed his concern for Muslims. The President has created an atmosphere of hysteria so four women are on a trip to get a wedding dress have to be treated like criminals.