Catch Them Before Action Assuming They Have Plan

Australian pollice raided two homes in Sydney allegedly containing two men who were planning or maybe planning or the police assumed were planning some terrorist action. The men were believed to have extreme “Islamic views” which undoubtedly made them targets of a police search for terrorists. The police have been monitoring the two men for over two years and had yet to catch them in the act of committing a terrorist act, but in this day and age, suspicion of maybe committing an act or terror is sufficient to arrest people.

Police sources comented: “These are a couple of blokes who may have been thinking about something. We wanted t satisfy ourselved that nothing is going to happen. We also wanted to send out a message to them.” The men undoubtedly got the message — if you are a Muslim, then, by definiton, you just might be planning something. We of course don’t know exactly what you are planning despite keeping close tabs for two years, but since you are Muslims with beards and all that stuff, we knew you were concocting some devilish action.

The behavior of the police comes across as though it was a scene in an old Keystone cops serial. Since when do police check out the thinking process of suspects who have never committed any action? If thinking about a crime is a crime, then we might as well lock up the entire population of Sydney, including its police department.