Chaos In Pakistan

Pakistan is a failed state and the sooner leaders of the world grasp that key point, the easier is might be to do something about a nation which has possession of atomic bombs and leaders with no idea how to create a modern democratic society. A group of 200 members of the Taliban approached a prison disguised as police officers and initiated a fight which resulted in freeing over 200 hardened terrorists who then fled to freedom in the wild lands of the nation. Nawaz Sharif is head of this nation, but there is no indication he has the faintest idea what to do or how to do anything that would lead to an economy that produced jobs and hope for the future. Most Pakistanis work hard, attempt to secure enough for their daily lives, and still regard religion as the most important aspect of their lives. They are receptive to words of hate from the Taliban and worry whether or not a girl goes to school or whether someone does something to a Koran.

Yes, religion IS important. Yes, the Muslim religion IS a foundation of daily life. Yes, the family MUST be protected. But, this is 2013 and the world proceeds along the path of economic development and a more secure life. This requires application of modern economic ideas. It requires focusing on how to ensure the lives of people so they might live a life not bound in poverty and ignorance.