Children Are Unteachable Says British Educator!

Chris Parry, chief executive of h Independent Schools Council of Great Britain told the Guardain newspaper that schools are being burdened with trying to educate unteachable children whose ignorant parents together with teachers who would rather be elsewhere make impossible attaining any success in the field of education. The former rear admiral, who most probably has never actually taught children, complained “there are too many leaders but not enough leadership, there are a lot of managers and not enough management. there aren’t enough teachers and aren’t enough teachers in subjects we need, it’s lackg human material(and) financial resources.” Several months ago Parry warned Great Britain there was a process of “reverse colonization” in which poor people were headed for the island and would try to recast it in their own backward image.

He insisted teachers are being “buyllied” by a “group from perhaps a disadvantaged background who have got a different agenda.” He complained of sitting in on a parent’s meeting at a comprehensive school and was “shocked by the level of ignorance and criticism that came from the parents.”

Mr. Parry is entitled to his view of parents and children who come from poverty and immigrant background. My parents were uneducated immigrants who lacked the knowledge of Mr. Parry. However, they sought one thing as do the parents of 90% of immigrant children– an opportunity for their children to become educated, to attend college and to escape the horror of poverty. Mr. Parry may be in the field of education, but he certainly is no educator.

  • Mike Valentine

    If only those students would act right and didn’t come from impoverished backgrounds and single parent households.

    Kinda like Bush and his underfunded “No child left behind” mash-up.

  • Fred Brumby

    We really should not believe everything that is printed in the Guardian – it is politically motivated and any reading of the original article will tell you that Chris Parry was not generalising – he was pointing to specific circumstances. Everything else I have read about his views points to him being someone who wants to shake up the logjam in British education. By the way, you do not have to be an educaotr to have sincere views about education – that is the ultimate intellectual nonsense – any good parent will have a pretty good view of what is required.

    Bet you that whatever the Admiral had said, the Guardian would have stitched him up. Even Jesus Christ would hav ehad a bad press with that paper!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Blaming parents has been going on for at least 150 years. I have comment by educators and politicians from the 1870s with the same type of nonsense. A major problem today is the current educational system– in virtually all post industrial societies– bears scant relationship to needs of the modern world. Teachers are provided a curriculum which is outdated. Nice middle class kids will do whatever is required because of desires to enter the right colleges. Poorer children are less able to think in this manner and need more immediate evidence what is being learned has meaning. This was true of immigrants to America at the turn of teh 20th century and drop out rates then were higher than today.