Chris Christie Looms Large In Republican Race

There is a concentrated effort among many Republicans to have Governor Chris Christie enter the race. After all, he has been governor of New Jersey for about two years which certainly qualifies him to lead the most important nation in the world. I am certain his appearance as a candidate for president would loom large among those already in the contest. He brings a certain hefty quality of voice and body which is sadly missing among the group currently seeking the nomination.

Chris understands that to provide jobs we must begin by firing thousands of public employees. Once businessmen know the government is firing hundreds os thousands of employees they will rush to get factories running again in order to provide–what for those without money?

His major impediment in running against Obama is there is no chance he could win any foot race challenge posed by the president. Then again, the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the houses of pigs down. Sounds just right for Christie, blow down houses in which people live!