Christians Decry ‘Unethical’ Magazine

A photograph displaying a tattoo of a cross on a celebrity’s foot that was shown in a magazine has created an uproar among Lebanese Christian leaders. French magazine Voici published a photograph of an American reality television star and party girl Nicole Richie showing off a tattoo of a rosary with a cross dangling from it.

A church official, Father Fadi Tabet, urged the government to ban the magazine in Lebanon because it contains “unethical photos and articles.” Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros declared, “We should defend our religious doctrines so that nobody attacks or humiliates them.” A Lebanese man, Gilbert Esso, stated to the media, “It’s disrespectful to Christianity to have a tattoo of a cross on your foot.” Mr. Esso said a tattoo belonged on a back or shoulder, but to place the tattoo on your foot was offensive to Christians.

I did read parts of the Bible but don’t recall anything in it about tattoos or feet or where you wear things. I guess they had tattoos back in ancient times but have no idea where the tattoos were displayed. Somehow, I just can’t see Jesus or God really paying much attention to tattoos. Now, if these Christians would get concerned about killing of innocent people in Darfur, I might pay attention to their complaints.
Information from the Lebanon Daily Star