Church And Sex

I confess to examine issues pertaining to sex when it comes to those who claim to somehow be connected to the Big Guy up in the sky. Father Gerald Ridsdale is a priest in Australia and finally what he has been doing for the past thirty years has emerged into knowledge of the entire world. Ridsdale confessed that over a few decades of time he has been sexually molesting young boys and girls. He commonly informed these children that allowing him to enjoy their bodies was simply an act on his part to serve the Lord. In all honesty, he did give children a reward for their encounters, each received a nice bag of candy. Oh, along with instruction to the girls not to reveal their “little secret” to any nun.

Cardinal George Pelll does have some explanation to provide, not only to his church, but to police. He apparently destroyed important documents related to these cases of sexual molestation. I have a hunch that God up above really does not seek to have those on this planet sexually abuse its inhabitants in His name!