Cologne Burning With Hate

There are 2.7 million people of Turkish heritage living in Germany. Over the years they have built many small mosques to handle their religious needs. Recently, a proposal to construct a large mosque for Cologne Muslims has led to an out pouring of hate. Hundreds of protestors rallied against the project, and its leader, Manfred Rouhs, noted that the mosque would “fortify the Muslims’ claim to power in Christian Europe.” Joachm Meisner, archbishop of Cologne said the proposed mosque made his “feel unwell” and that “migration of Muslims has created a brach in our German, European culture.”

As a Jew, let me point out we Jews were in Europe hundreds of years before Europeans were Christian, particularly the barbarians living in what is now termed “Germany.” People wish to build houses of worship which is a protected right in any civilized society. To assume building a mosque is first step in some sort of devilish plan to take over Germany is X-File Paranoia. I am shocked an archbishop in the Catholic Church would actually state he felt “unwell” because people want to pray!