Concerns About God

After reading the latest complaint by Republican bloggers about Senator Rubio whose parents were not yet American citizens when he was born, I grow increasingly uneasy about  God. After all, do we know if God is actually born in our universe or is He/She an illegal immigrant from another place in the stars? I have never seen any document which proves he was born in our universe, I have never seen any document which provides information about his parents.

Now, I have been told that God was not born like we humans, but was an immaculate conception from some sort of God. I never hear any stories about God and his girl friends or wife so am I to assume that God is a gay or lesbian God? Please don’t get me wrong, I talk to God just about every day, but unlike Michele Bachmann, I do not get any response. This had led me to believe that God is anti-Semitic since he talks with Christians but he will not talk to me.

Anyway, I will feel much better about God if He/She would take the immigration test offered by the Immigration Department and then have his score posted.